Building green … by using bluestone? Why, yes!

Building green … by using bluestone? Why, yes!

Ecological construction has been on the rise for a while now. More and more people, governments and companies are paying great attention to the sustainability of the buildings they construct. Using Bluestone from Hainaut fits in perfectly with this evolution. After all, this versatile and authentic natural material is extracted with the utmost respect for both people and the planet.

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Towards a smaller ecological footprint

Ecological construction starts by considering the impact a building will have on its environment. Sustainability covers many different aspects. The recyclability of the materials used plays an important role, for example, as does the production process and the energy required for transport.

Often used in this context is the term ‘ecological footprint’, indicating how much biologically productive ground and water surface is needed for a real estate project. The smaller the project’s ecological footprint, the more limited its impact on the environment.

Building green with bluestone

Bluestone from Hainaut – also known as Belgian Bluestone – is one hundred percent locally sourced, sustainable and natural. Extracted in our own country, on a single site in Soignies, Bluestone from Hainaut requires only limited transport. Its ecological footprint is therefore sixteen times smaller than that of bluestone from Asia. Compared to ceramic alternatives, Belgian bluestone’s global environmental impact is no less than sixty times lower.

Moreover, Belgian bluestone is naturally sturdy, very resistant to wear and tear, and will last for generations. Installing it is like making an investment that is sure to offer added value in the long term.

Responsible extraction

Carrières du Hainaut is also fully committed to sustainability when it comes to our extraction process. For example, we have 4,000 solar panels which together produce one million kWh of green energy annually, thereby saving 350 tonnes of CO2.

The groundwater required for our production process is collected, decanted and reinjected in a closed internal circuit. With the spring water that we pump up, we supply 40,000 families. Clay and other geological top layers are delivered to external partners who use these materials for gravel and aggregates, among other things.

We also participate in Life in Quarries, a European project to safeguard and develop biodiversity in the quarry. Finally, our activities generate about 3,000 local jobs.

By opting for Bluestone from Hainaut, you can limit the ecological footprint of your construction project tremendously. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to

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