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Bluestone: a surprisingly versatile material for tiles

If you’re looking for natural stone tiles, chances are high you’ll end up choosing blue limestone. And that’s hardly surprising, given the many advantages this material from Hainaut has to offer. Bluestone tiles are extremely durable, for one, so you’ll enjoy your floor or patio for decades to come. Sounds good? Wait till you find out how bluestone tiles increase your comfort at home and spice up your interior!

Een warm interieur met tegels in blauwe steen

Do you love walking around barefoot? Scientists say it’s a healthy habit, strengthening your feet and keeping ailments at bay. Yet, if you’re the proud owner of a bluestone tile floor, you have even more reasons to kick off those shoes as soon as you get home. After all, blue stone feels incredibly soft and takes on the temperature of the room.

In addition, blue limestone tiles are a winner in any interior. They are available in a wide range of finishes, so you can be sure to find the perfect match for your home – whether it’s cottage-style, classic, modern or Scandinavian-inspired. Our Blue Flamed and Sawn tiles are as trendy as they come, while Dark Blue Honed and EnoStyl dark tiles have a more classic look.

Did you know that bluestone tiles combine perfectly with underfloor heating? If you want your home not only to look cosy, but feel warm as well, then this combo is right up your street. Renovation plans? Then you’re just as free to opt for Blue Limestone from Hainaut, because Carrières du Hainaut has designed an ultrathin tile that barely takes up any space.

Blauwsteen tegels: ook tegen de muur

Bluestone floor tiles can be used in any space – from the living room to the kitchen, the bathroom or the hallway. In some rooms, even the walls just beg to be clad with blue limestone tiles as well. Bluestone wall tiles, for instance, totally look the part in any bathroom. And you can rest assured: water drops won’t harm your wall tiles one bit, because Belgian bluestone is a non-porous material.

Or how about a bluestone patio?

Finally, bluestone tiles make for an unique patio. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions like frost and rain, and you can use them to make your patio look as big or small as you want, selecting the finishes and patterns you like best. No need to worry about safety either, because there are plenty of anti-slip finishes available.

Mix & match with natural stone tiles

Carrières du Hainaut has launched a new collection of bluestone tiles that caters to the needs of the modern homeowner, as well as answering to today’s trends. The collection consists of six design lines, each with their unique tiling patterns. They are available in a wide variety of finishes, and come in both small and large sizes. Have a look at the original pattern, inspired by places all over the world.

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