A bluestone shower | Carrières du Hainaut

Bluestone for luxurious showers

Bathrooms are not just about cleanliness anymore. These days, they’re the ultimate place to relax and unwind. It’s no wonder, then, that bluestone showers are becoming increasingly popular to create that much-sought-after atmosphere of wellness. There’s nothing quite like watching droplets of water glide down a non-porous natural stone surface. What’s more, a bluestone shower floor is nonslip and retains warmth, treating your feet safely to a blissful temperature from start to finish.

Choosing bluestone for your walk-in shower

Wondering which type of finish is the most suitable for your bluestone walk-in shower? Both aesthetics and safety are key. Anyway, bluestone shower walls offer endless possibilities, including gorgeous finishes such as blue flamed, frosted, charred and sclyped. Working tone-on-tone and opting for a floor with the same finish as the shower walls is guaranteed to look stylish. Do you prefer more contrast? That, too, can look strikingly elegant. Please note, however, that picking a smooth type of finish for the floor can cause slipping accidents. In any case, you can’t go wrong with an EnoSkin or blue flamed finish as they are slip-resistant but still comfortable underfoot. Furthermore, combining bluestone with wood bathroom furniture always looks lovely. As far as maintenance is concerned, using water and, if needed, some pH-neutral soap suffices.

How to clean a bluestone shower

Bluestone showers are also very easy to clean and maintain – talk about saving the best for last! Any traces of lime will blend in with the natural nuances of certain finishes including EnoSkin and blue flamed, so you basically have nothing to worry about. Learn more about cleaning a bluestone shower.