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Belgian bluestone: a valued and certified material

Cut and carved in our very own country, Belgian bluestone offers numerous benefits compared to stone sourced in other places, such as Asia and Ireland. But how can you know for sure what type of bluestone you’re dealing with and how it scores in terms of quality? Just ask for the Belgian bluestone certificate or simply keep your eyes peeled. Read on to learn what you need to know.


A unique material with a unique mark

If you have doubts about your bluestone’s origin, you can always request a certificate of origin from the distributor, who will then contact Carrières du Hainaut to obtain it. Because we mark and certify all our products with a unique number and stamp, the certificate means your bluestone is authentic.

How to recognize Belgian bluestone

In addition to the certificate, there are other ways to recognize authentic Bluestone from Hainaut. The presence of crinoids, for example, is telling. Crinoids are clearly recognizable as fossil remains of marine fauna and flora. They are not to be confused with the white spots typically seen in similar types of stone from Asia. Those spots arise in dolomite-rich stones and are called oolites. Through oxidation, these oolites can change into rusty stains.

You can also put your bluestone to the test by immersing it in water. If circles start to form and the surface displays different shades of (rust-like) brown, then you are dealing with dolomite rock, which usually comes from Asia.

Finally, it is also important to make sure you are looking at the real deal and not ceramic counterfeit. Turn the stone over or try to take out a loose piece, and pay careful attention to the material inside. Bluestone is, of course, a solid material, while ceramic counterfeit tiles usually have a printed surface. Therefore, take a closer look at the stone, have a feel and compare. The authenticity of a living material makes a world of difference in interiors and gardens.

A reliable network of distributors

The Carrières du Hainaut® quality label is, evidently, your best guarantee of authenticity. Our selection process is extremely strict and more than meets the stringent European requirements. Moreover, our exploitation of Bluestone from Hainaut is endorsed by the Belgian Union for technical approval in construction. So, in addition to the European declaration of performance (CE) for finished products, you can always request an ATG certificate for our natural stone materials.

Finally, we rely on a network of professional stonemasons and marble workers with exquisite know-how and remarkable experience. Should you have any questions about your bluestone, you can always contact them for advice.

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