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A natural shield against marks, blows and scratches

Wall bases

Wall bases

The unshakeable solidity of Blue Limestone of Hainaut acts as a natural shield against marks, blows and scratches. Marks just disappear in no time at all. The non-porous quality of the stone prevents damp from rising and, if it’s the authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut, it won’t splinter, crumble or crack.

Add dynamism and a contrasting aesthetic by combining blue stone wall base with other facade cladding materials such as brick, wood, cement or plaster finishes.

Well established, the Scoured and Light Blue Honed finishes are unfailing classics. Structured finishes such as Charred, Chiselled or EnoSkin® offer a more contemporary character. Be even more original and creative, use the Crust on your wall base. Sublime!

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