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Thresholds, sills and door and window frames in blue stone will guarantee distinction and timeless class for your home. Designed with refined lines, classic or contemporary, it will always add elegance. Aesthetically pleasing, blue limestone also adds real value to your asset. And when it comes to durability, you can count on the hard stuff!

Blue Limestone of Hainaut adapts itself to all type of framework and all type of facade cladding: brick, wood, cement or plaster finishes. Blue stone blends harmoniously with all architectural styles and building materials.

Solid and robust, door and window frames tell the history of many generations which have grown old together with it without a flinch. Take a look at the old houses nowadays totally renovated, they remain the only witness of the past. Resistant to harsh weather conditions, sharp temperature differences and frost, blue stone seems to be timeless.

From the very beginning, set the tone. From the threshold, blue stone opens the door to a wide range of perspectives for a designed life decor, be it contemporary,  classic or cottage style. Daily put under harsh conditions, blue stone is impervious to any impact marks and scratches from gravel, dogs or cat claws, shoe heels, buggies, bicycles, trolleys, umbrellas, bags and cases often clumsily banging against it. Anything may happen, it always gets its bright look back with a simple cleaning with water.

You can rest on the unshakable solidity of window sills in Blue Limestone of Hainaut. Years are passing by, harsh weather conditions, frost and temperature differences don’t get hold on it. Blue stone stands the test of time.  Blue stone takes the toll of life, developing a delightful patina adding charm and character over time and providing an added value to your home. Blue Limestone of Hainaut adapts itself to all type of framework: wood, aluminium, pvc… everything is possible!

Easily enough!  Weather will do most of the work for you.

Your driveway is covered winter ice? No worries. You can straw rock salt for melting winter ice on your blue limestone paving. Blue Limestone of Hainaut® can take anything. Once the weather has thawed, rinse off the salt with clear water.

You’ve left a jar of weed killer behind on your threshold? Again, no worries! Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright.

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