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Blue stone underfoot is a feast for the eyes. A source of happiness every day. A pleasure in the long‑term. Kids can play on it and really have the time of their lives. Rain may pour and sun may shine, your friends can spill their drinks, the barbeque can spit... blue limestone can take it all! After all, it’s been around a long time, and seen everything.

The wide range of sizes and finishes available means you can have the patio of your dreams. And why not extend your indoors to the outside by using the same floor tiles?

Give your ideas and desires depth by using blue stone for the barbeque and table as well. Blue stone is also perfect for use as furniture or for flower bed borders.

Perfect for outside use in all weathers, Blue Limestone of Hainaut is non-porous and frost resistant. It is equally unaffected by bad weather or the small accidents which happen all the time in everyday life outside. Only Blue Limestone of Hainaut can offer such robustness. 

Soliciting admiration at your feet, blue stone paving is fun to play around with – use different sizes, finishes and layouts to create a unique effect. Go for Opus Roman for a structured mix, or throw caution to the winds with Opus Incertum for a beautiful chaos!

Paving stones with an aged appearance, such as the ‘Hainaut Antic®’ or ‘KlinkStone®’ lend a rustic or cottage character. Either go the full hog and accessorise in the same style or add a modern touch with contemporary furniture in wood or steel.

Thanks to their elegant simplicity, EnoStyl® Clear, Sawn and Blue Flamed finishes are the natural choice for your terrace paving. The lightly textured finishes such as EnoSkin®  or Flamed blue are equally comfortable for barefoot walking with added security.

Play around with the different levels for an extended perspective effect. Here, blue stone leads you on a journey of discovery from one level to another.

Let it rain ... The textured finishes such as EnoSkin®, Flamed Blue, Frosted or Old Cut offer extra grip  and a safe passage to where you need to be. Looking for extra security? Then go for step nosings in Chiselled or Charred.

Aesthetically pleasing, your outdoor furniture lends itself perfectly to blue stone. Tables, barbeques and flower pots all pay tribute to the natural universe that surrounds you.

Garden features in blue stone can go the whole winter without a flinch. Harsh weather conditions, frost and small accidents of outdoor everyday life will have no adverse effect on the natural stone. Ask your stonemason to create you something truly unique - a table, foot-rest or a bench which will add an original decorative aspect to your outdoor environment. 

Regular cleaning won’t be necessary. Weather will do most of the work for you. During spring, remove vegetation which has gathered on the stone during winter with a brush and some water mixed with bleach.

Did you spill your drink? No worries. Quite simply wipe your blue limestone with a damp cloth or with a bit of cleaning-up liquid.

Blue Limestone of Hainaut does not require any specific protection. If needed, the areas which are more exposed to marks such as tables and barbeques can be protected pre-emptively with either Litholin or Imperplex products, or you can protect the stone in the old fashioned way with Marseille soap flakes.

Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright.

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  • Chiselled tile
  • Sclyped tile
  • Charred tile
  • Old cut tile
  • Dimpled tile
  • Bush-hammered tile
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