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Let your style shine through from the very beginning. Blue Limestone of Hainaut offers numerous perspectives and creative possibilities to upgrade your hall, corridors, stairs and lobbies.

Set a unique tone or, on the contrary, play on contrasts between these different spaces. The variety of finishes, as numerous as they are variable, offers a wide palette of interplay between light, relief and volume.

Blue stone is ideal for both floors and walls in high-traffic areas, where life and movement leave their footprint and where the effects of time are rendered invisible.


If you think of a lobby, you think of traffic. Scratches and shoe marks have no effect on the textured finish of stones such as EnoSkin®, Flamed Blue or EnoStyl®. These floors develop an agreeable patina over the years and are always safe to use, thanks to their light anti-slip finish.

For very busy passageways, such as in public places, where the anti-slip properties are of the utmost importance, choose for more structured finishes such as Old Cut or Chiselled. Placed in strips, they offer the extra function to guide your visitors.

Is your entrance door surrounded by gravel or grit? Do they regularly get stuck underneath your door? The solution: an anti-gravel lath at the bottom of that door will stop any scratches on your floor.

Bring a modern touch to your entrance by using large Swan or EnoSkin® tiles. The EnoStyl® slabs or Hainaut Antic® pavings will give your entrance a more rustic impression. 

Life centres around the stairway in any building. The veritable backbone of the house, a staircase in Blue Limestone of Hainaut is the perfect complement to your interior.  Which one do you prefer? Old style massive stones stairs or sawn freestanding slabs adding a light touch to the rock’s reassuring solidity?  

Enhance the elegance of a Dark Blue Honed stone stairway with the added safety of a chiselled stepnose.

Offer extra protection to your internal walls. Blue stone wainscoting in Chiselled, Charred or Sclyped finishes do not only add character to your corridors but also protect the shine on your walls. This stone cladding is impervious to any impact marks and scratches from buggies, bicycles, trolleys, umbrellas, bags and cases, often clumsily banged along or against the walls.

The Polished finish, which won’t be used in floor applications, is treasured by high standing hotels and places to dress with elegance walls of lobbies and lifts.

The inimitable EnoDesign® is treasured by designers and creators because of its unique cachet.  

Your entrance hall is the ultimate statement about you, your character and who you are. Practically and aesthetically speaking, Blue Limestone of Hainaut is a necessity from the outset.  

What about this ? What about a Flamed Blue plan set in a wooded frame to drop your keys and paperwork when you enter?

In a corporate context, the entrance hall experience reinforces your brand value among your visitors. What about a reception desk totally in stone or a stone top  supported by a laminated structure? What do you think about blue stone benches aesthetically in your reception area?  Blue stone furniture reinforces the artistic or contemporary touch of your building.

Choose Sawn finish for a natural, minimalistic and utterly refined look or the natural elegance of Dark Blue Honed. Finishes like Charred, Sclyped or Chiselled add a unique design cachet, full of character, to your space. 

The hardness and non-porosity of Blue Limestone of Hainaut will protect it naturally from the vagaries of daily life and time. That’s essential for spaces imprinted with life and movement. Let blue stone take the toll of life - it will add charm and character over time.

Use clear water for your stone’s regular clean. Should you wish to add soap, choose Marseille soap flakes type soap. For a more intensive clean, use baking soda or a multi-cleaner specific for natural stone such as, for example, products from the Lithofin range.

If you nevertheless want to protect the blue stone surface, coat it with either a water or oil repellent product. Choose water based products to keep the shades clear. Oil-repellent products will reinforce colour and patina.

Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright. 

Example of references

Products and finishes

  • Dalle Enostyl foncé
  • Dalles EnoStyl foncé brossé
  • Scoured tile
  • BrickEno
  • Enoskin tile
  • Light blue honed tile
  • Dark blue honed tile
  • EnoStyl clear tile
  • EnoDesign tile
  • Blue flamed tile
  • EnoTouch tile
  • Chiselled tile
  • Sclyped tile
  • Charred tile
  • Old cut tile
  • Dimpled tile
  • Bush-hammered tile
  • Picked-dressed tile
  • High Polished tile
  • EnoPasso tiles
  • Hainaut Antic flagstone
  • ClivEno
  • Sawn tile
  • EnoLuce tile