Blue Limestone of Hainaut in the kitchen: the most inspiring realisations

Cook in all confidence

Your kitchen is inspiring and warm, an environment where you like to take your time and discover authentic flavours of life... a place that is very much like you. Both simmering with ideas and utterly relaxing, it also embodies elegant, charming and authentic living. Just like Blue Limestone of Hainaut, and just like you.

With blue stone, your kitchen takes shape. Over here we have the big worktop in Flamed Blue stone, robust and non-porous, resistant to high temperatures. You can cook on it in confidence. Next to it is the sink, beautiful in a Dark Blue Honed finish. If you’re looking for a more contemporary kitchen, add an ultra-modern touch to the design with a highly Polished worktop and sideboard. And for your floor, add a unique touch of character with EnoPasso® or  EnoStyl® Dark stone slabs.

A bluestone worktop

Having a bluestone kitchen worktop is every chef’s dream. Discover all the benefits natural stone has to offer.



Your worktop stretches away into the distance, dropping into a blue stone sink that will invoke love at first sight… practical too, as any lime marks are just lost in the natural shades of the stone. And your cut-edged worktop that rounds everything off perfectly.

As for your worktops, use for your sinks a smooth blue limestone or one with only slight bumps, such as EnoTouch® or Flamed blue.

A bluestone kitchen backsplash

A bluestone backsplash makes for a luxurious addition to your kitchen. Moreover, bluestone is easy to maintain thanks to its natural hardness.

Your bluestone kitchen floor

A bluestone floor is ideal if your kitchen is constantly buzzing with activity. Discover all the different styles you can choose from, learn more about maintenance and the many possibilities a bluestone kitchen floor offers by clicking the link below.

Cleaning tips

Cleaning tips

Blue Stone from Hainaut is a non-porous stone and is therefore very forgiving when it comes to small accidents and spillages that are part of daily life. It is a living material which develops a delightful patina over time. Let blue stone take the toll of life - it will add charm and character over time.

What if you spill oil or lemon juice on your worktop? Quite simply wipe your blue limestone with a damp cloth or with a bit of cleaning-up liquid if you have not immediately seen these stains. Do not use any chemical or acidic cleaning products.  

Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright.

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