Blue Limestone of Hainaut in the garden: the most inspiring realisations
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An inspiring and warm place

Blauwe steen biedt zoveel mogelijkheden om van uw tuin een apart landschap te maken. U kunt ruimtes afbakenen, spelen met niveaus, perspectieven openen, paden aanleggen of afzomen, trappen doen leiden naar verrassende plekjes. Met een muur in blauwe steen bouwt u een natuurlijke en stijlvolle afscheiding.

Baken uw moestuin, bloemperken en boomgaarden stijlvol af met Blauwe Steen uit Henegouwen®. Speel met tegels, trapjes, borduren en keien.

Houdt u van structuur? Of toch liever een pure, wilde tuin? Blauwe Steen uit Henegouwen® beschikt over een natuurlijke schoonheid die als het ware met uw tuin versmelt.



Blue stone offers no end of possibilities to create your desired garden landscape by unlocking all spaces, playing around with different levels and opening up perspectives. Pathways, tracks and stairs will lead you and your guests on journeys of discovery, while low walls will offer a natural, stylish separation between spaces.

Unlock vegetable patches, flowerbeds and shrubberies with style thanks to the natural beauty of blue stone. Play around with tiles, steps, edges and paving to structure your garden exactly as you wish.

Use blue stone as a material to either structure your garden, or alternatively, to accentuate its wild, natural state of original purity. You can’t ask for better than to have the naturally beautiful Blue Limestone of Hainaut as an integral, harmonious element in your garden.

Paths & steps

Paths & steps

Straight or winding, your pathways and tracks in blue stone are your opportunity to play with perspective. Pavings and small sized stones will lend a beautiful, cottage-style or classic home feeling. Large or long stones, on the other hand, will invoke a more contemporary look.

KlinkStone®, Hainaut Antic® or Split Pavings offer extra grip in rainy conditions and a safe passage to where you need to be.  For those who prefer bigger sized slabs, go for stones with structured finishes such as EnoSkin®, Blue Flamed, Old Cut or Frosted which are guaranteed anti-slip.

And while your feet are safely placed on your pathways and steps, your eyes can take in the surrounding natural beauty. If you prefer the smooth Sawn or Scoured slabs for steps, stair nosings in Chiselled or Dimpled are recommended for added security.

Judiciously placed slabs are a natural invitation to place one’s feet one after another. Interweaved wild grass is a sign of the surrounding nature, while the stone slabs, completely in their element, suggest a direction and offer a firm grip to get you safely to the end of your journey.



Low walls will offer a natural, stylish separation between spaces. Choose either for the natural elegance of Charred, Sclyped or Frosted big slabs, for the rough irregularity of ClivEno® strips or BrickEno® rubble stones, or either for the original look that Crust pieces can bring.

Because you’re a perfectionist right down to the smallest detail, blue stone offers perfect result that’s made to last. In fact, there’s no better protection against water infiltrations than blue stone wall covering. A natural and permanent way to protect all type of walls, be it natural stone, brick, plastered or concrete walls.



To create unique, original and unusual outdoors structures and spaces, just let your imagination run free. Innovate, create, dream... blue stone can take on a multitude of shapes and forms.

A table, bank, sundial, lighting… Garden features in blue stone can go the whole winter without a flinch. The stonemason is the artist who will bring your decorative projects to life. He alone knows how to create your fountain, table, sculpture or bench – the pieces you have always dreamed of to make your garden or patio beautiful, and provide a unique and exclusive character to your outdoor spaces. 

Borders in bluestone

Borders provide structure to your garden. And did you know that bluestone is the perfect material for your borders? Find out why here.

Cleaning tips

Cleaning tips

Easily enough! Weather will do most of the work for you, and as for indoors use , let the Blue Limestone of Hainaut take the toll of life and allow the patina to develop, adding charm and character over time. A careful wipe down with clear water from time to time will leave the stone looking bright.

During spring, we recommend you remove vegetation which has gathered on the stone during winter with a brush and some water mixed with bleach. Only intensive cleaning a year is more than enough.

Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessy bright. 

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