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Blue stone has always been treasured for its elegance, robustness and solidity. Designers of public buildings have used it to add prestige and ensure resistance, and builders of private houses have followed suit, seduced by its aesthetic and durable properties. Blue Limestone is highly weather resistant, even in harsh conditions. It remains unaltered by sharp temperature differences and frost and is unaffected by splashes and blows - marks just disappear in no time at all. The non-porous quality of the stone prevents damp from rising and, if it’s the authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut, it won’t splinter, crumble or crack.

Aesthetically pleasing and with a noble aspect, blue stone’s very timelessness is your guarantee of protection, making it a stylish and natural shield that will ensure your home is protected from the elements.

And that timeless quality also means that blue stone blends harmoniously with modern day architectural materials and techniques such as sophisticated exterior insulation and contemporary threshold and window frame designs.

Discover the innovative building solutions of Carrières du Hainaut® combining highly performing exterior insulation with the elegance and durability of a blue limestone façade cladding : EnoStone® Wall Base and EnoStone® E-Board Zero.

Blue stone can be laid traditionally, standard glued, anchored or glued with a honeycomb structure… a range of different techniques that offer an entire creative palette to give life to your ideas.

Play around with formats or with the different textures. Large square or rectangular slabs give a refined and sober touch to your façade. At the other hand, to get the best of the stone in its most natural state go for the ClivEno® strips or BrickEno® rubble stones.

Make your own impression with Old Cut, Crust or EnoDesign®. Alternate between split and sawn off faces of BrickEno® rubble stone to express your originality and style.  Use a range of different stone widths as a reminder of stone’s natural stratification. Very interesting architecturally!

Easily enough!  Weather will do most of the work for you. During spring, remove vegetation which has gathered on the stone during winter with a pressure water jet (karcher) or using a brush and some water mixed with bleach or even special product from the Lithofin range for outdoor use. 

Your façade got the marks of a non-careful painter? Or you got that unpleasant surprise finding your outdoor wall covered with tags? Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright.

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Products and finishes

  • Scoured tile
  • BrickEno
  • Enoskin tile
  • EnoDesign tile
  • Blue flamed tile
  • Chiselled tile
  • Sclyped tile
  • Charred tile
  • Old cut tile
  • Dimpled tile
  • Bush-hammered tile
  • Picked-dressed tile
  • ClivEno
  • Sawn tile
  • EnoStone E-Board Zero
  • EnoStone Wall Base
  • EnoLuce tile