Façades originales et créatives en Pierre Bleue du Hainaut

Creative applications

Create a unique and original life decor

Creative applications
Garage door
  • Creative applications

  • Garage door

  • Sunshades

  • Lightings

Dare to be creative. Blue Limestone of Hainaut adapts itself to all your desires, even the most audacious one. Innovate, create, dream… Rely on the remarkable know-how and expertise of the stonemason. He’s the artist who will bring your decorative projects to life.

Let yourself be inspired by these projects and allow your imagination to take wing to give your residence and architectural realization its very own unique character.

Dare to use Blue Limestone of Hainaut differently! How about a garage door that blends seamlessly into your facade? The rough irregularity of Crust or ClivEno® provides endless possibilities, ensuring you get the best of the stone in its most natural state. Sublime!



© Architectenbureau Vanderperren


Daring and brilliant! Sunshades in Blue Limestone of Hainaut protect from the sun’s rays while passers-by look on dazzled. Blue stone goes beyond traditional architecture, always pushing back the boundaries of the possible.



©Reginald Tackoen /Jamaer Architecten

Enlighten your facade with original luminary blending in harmoniously. Blue Limestone Hainaut is the perfect material to turn the subtle play of light, chiaroscuro and shadows into a permanent and never-ending spectacle. A cleaved stone will even more reinforce this effect.



© Alex Detournay

Example of references

Products and finishes

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