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A bluestone patio

Make the most of your garden with a bluestone patio

Bluestone from Hainaut is a timeless and high-quality material. It’s elegant, refined and, above all, authentic. While suitable for virtually all indoor spaces, patios will always be one of the most popular bluestone applications. Don’t believe us? The benefits of having a bluestone patio speak for themselves! Read on to discover everything a bluestone patio has to offer.

A bluestone patio lasts a lifetime

Bluestone is not just a sight for sore eyes – feet love it too! Your children can run around on the natural stone barefoot to their heart's content. And there’s more: a bluestone patio is resistant to rain, UV radiation, wine, grease and oil stains. Even frost will not affect it at all. If you’re the proud owner of a bluestone patio, in other words, you needn’t worry about a thing. Bluestone from Hainaut is renowned for its life-long luxurious appearance and becomes even more beautiful as time passes.

Connecting the indoors with the outdoors

Thanks to Carrières du Hainaut, you can opt to have your bluestone patio blend in seamlessly with your home’s interior. If you’re fond of that typical dark, mineral look with a subtle shimmer, the new EnoLuce tiles are right up your alley. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are the perfect solution to optically enlarge your living space by creating a harmonious whole with your patio. If you prefer a lighter floor, be sure to explore our wide range of light-blue natural limestone tiles.

Bluestone patio tiles

Are you planning to install a new patio and still looking for suitable patio tiles? Matching all styles and very easy to maintain, bluestone has everything you can look for in a material.

Play it safe with a bluestone outdoor staircase

Play it safe with a bluestone outdoor staircase

Even when it rains, a bluestone staircase offers a firm grip and remains safe to use.

Timeless bluestone patio furniture

Timeless bluestone patio furniture

Bluestone tables, benches, barbecues and planters almost seem to merge with nature. What’s more, they survive even the hardest of winters with ease.

How to clean a bluestone patio

How to clean a bluestone patio

A bluestone patio hardly requires any maintenance; just let the weather gods take care of it! And in case something gets spilled, it cleans off straightaway.

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“By using the same tiles for the terrace but in a slightly lighter colour, the interior becomes one with the patio outside. The interior decoration fits the outdoors perfectly. You can almost see the lines fading due to the harmony between the materials.”

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