Blue limestone of Hainaut for bathrooms and swimming pools

Recharging your batteries in total serenety

By fitting out your bathroom, shower, indoors swimming pool or counter with Blue Limestone of Hainaut, you really are paying tribute to its origins ... and there’s nothing more relaxing than recharging your batteries surrounded by with this noble and pure material, that was born in a warm tropical sea.

Here, blue stone really unveils its warm character. Steam baths, saunas, spas and other health centres have adopted it because of its beauty and its capacity to adapt to the prevailing temperature thus keeping the heat in.

The non-porosity of blue limestone means it is naturally shielded against water, which just pearls on its surface. The resulting satin-like touch of the slabs under your feet is a feeling that is truly a pleasure without equal...

A bluestone bathtub

A bluestone bathtub is an excellent idea. Having originated in the sea and being non-porous, bluestone comes fully into its own in the bathroom!

A washstand in bluestone

The washstand is one of the first things you see when you start your day. On top of which, this piece of bathroom furniture has many different functions, from your daily hygiene to a quick hand-wash.


A bluestone shower

Bluestone showers create an atmosphere of wellness. A bluestone shower floor is nonslip and retains warmth, treating your feet safely to a blissful temperature.

A bluestone bathroom floor

Looking for the perfect bathroom floor? Bluestone offers everything you could wish for: a warm and luxurious appearance, slip-resistance and ease of maintenance.

Bluestone bathroom walls

Bluestone bathroom walls make for a marvelous addition to your home. Despite its luxurious look, bluestone requires hardly any maintenance. It lasts for generations and when it comes to style, this natural material effortlessly stands the test of time as well.

A Bluestone pool

A Bluestone pool

Blue stone is an invitation to relax. Re-charge your batteries by being in contact with a stone finding its origins from the depths of the ocean.

The satin-like touch of the slabs under your feet is a feeling that is truly a pleasure without equal... Either lying down alongside the pool or letting your feet dangle in the water while sitting on the edge, you’ll appreciate the lightly textured finishes of EnoSkin® or Flamed Blue, both anti‑slip and soft, combining safety and delicacy.




Lime marks disappear in the natural shades of the stone without penetrating it. Blue stone being a limestone, avoid anti-lime cleaning products for your basin, shower, vanity unit…. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth should suffice. If you want to clean with soap, choose a ph neutral soap, such as Marseille soap flakes type soap.  

You spilled some body milk on your bathroom counter? Simply wipe the stain with a damp cloth or with a bit of washing-up liquid if you have not immediately seen the stain.  

Click here to get the complete guide to keeping your natural blue stone endlessly bright.

Architectenbureau Rooilijn

“Voor ons zijn blauwe steen en hout twee natuurlijke materialen die qua kleur en uitstraling mooi contrasteren. Daarom zijn we zowel binnen – in de keuken en badkamer – als buiten voor die combinatie gegaan.”

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