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Carrières du Hainaut® completely subscribes to the process of responsibly and sustainably upgrading of local resources.


The extraction (200,000 m³/year) and transformation processes at Carrières du Hainaut® are completely carried out at one single site in Belgium, at Soignies. Such a centralised approach guarantees maximum reduction of our production’s ecological footprint.


The Carrières du Hainaut are committed to offering a natural stone and a high quality service, in respect of the environment. Their working methods ensure responsible handling, where safety is paramount.

Upgrading of materials

Upgrading of materials

All non-core materials, such as ornamental rock and its by-products, such as clay and other geological layers, have their value upgraded by our external partners. These materials are used for green spaces, manufacturing of bricks and cement, building, refurbishing and for civil engineering (granulates).

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Water management

Water management

Excavation work releases a significant amount of water. In partnership with SWDE and IDEA, spring water is pumped (400 m³ / hour) and sent to the public circuit, supplying more than 40,000 households. Mine water - required for production - is collected, decanted and reinjected into a closed internal circuit.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Nearly 4,000 photovoltaic panels are installed on the roofs of workplaces and the parking, generating yearly 1 million kWh of green energy to supply a part of the production. This represents an annual saving of 350 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of what a 15,000 m² forest absorbs.


Carrières du Hainaut is a partner of the LIFE IN QUARRIES initiative, which aims to develop and maintain biodiversity in Walloon quarries. In fact, we strive to identify and protect the ecosystem of different animal species and, if necessary, to recreate and move it, so that animals can find refuge in the new landscape created by our extraction activities.

Social approach

Apart from continuous awareness campaigns pointing out all of our safety measures, we have also put in place several measures to ensure an optimal work environment.

Carrières du Hainaut® maintains lasting relationships with all local residents and take all necessary measures so that no nuisance is caused.  They also offer visits to their workshops to all residents, schools and any other groups during open days or during organised visits by contacting the Office de Tourisme at Soignies.

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In many ways, the Blue Stone of Hainaut is an ecologically responsible choice. To think of the blue stone is to think of the planet.

Natural & sustainable

The Belgian blue limestone of Carrières du Hainaut is a sustainable product par excellence: living and noble material, offered by nature, the blue limestone seems to have the eternal life and is reusable. Naturally strong, it resists wear and compression. Like a good wine, it improves with time. Nothing makes her bend and she gains character over the years.

Unlike natural stone, ceramic blue limestone imitations are less wear-resistant and lose their long-term surface effect. The Belgian bluestone represents a long-term investment and adds value to the real estate project, while imitations are more suitable for temporary projects.

Ecological footprint

Choosing the local blue stone is choosing an exceptional and natural material from the short circuit. In contrast to

  • Asian blue stone, whose environmental impact is about sixteen times higher
  • And imitation ceramic tiles whose overall environmental impact for production is sixty times bigger than the manufacture of blue stone tiles.

Local employment

Choosing the Belgian blue stone also means encouraging age-old know-how, guaranteeing incomparable quality and ensuring the continuity of a local job.

The Carrières du Hainaut are the largest quarries in Europe both in terms of area and capacity, and in terms of employment. The activity generates about 3,000 jobs, including 435 direct jobs and 2,500 indirect ones.

You'll know all about the Blue Limestone of Hainaut, its origin, its extraction process and its environmental management by watching this movie : 

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