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This 2-in-1 solution offers a convenient placement to both professionals as well as experienced homebuilders. Thanks to EnoStone® E-Board Zero you can enjoy your comfortable home in both winter and summer, with a magnificent wall base in blue stone, and a lower energy bill!

The EnoStone® E-Board Zero system, suitable for wall bases of single-family houses, provides an easy placement technique and is within the range of experienced homebuilders. With its large modularity of laying patterns, it offers an enormous freedom to the landlord or the installer to combine blue stone strips with different sizes and finishes. With or without joints, anything is possible!

The EnoStone® E-board Zero panels consist of plates or strips in blue stone and polystyrene (ECO EPS) insulation panels with a lambda value of 0.031 W/mK. Right from the start you can select the desired thickness of the insulating material (from 4 up to 30 cm) and obtain an insulation that meets the requirements for passive buildings (U = 0.15 W/m²K for the exterior walls).

This 2-in-1 facade renovation system, which combines high quality wall cladding in Blue Limestone of Hainaut with high performance insulation, is ready made, including all mounting accessories, and will be delivered on site.

Depending on the selected finish: sawn, EnoSkin®, EnoStyl® clair, EnoDesign® or ClivEno®
Depending on the selected finish: sawn, EnoSkin®, EnoStyl® clair, EnoDesign® or ClivEno®
Depending on the selected finish: sawn, EnoSkin®, EnoStyl® clair, EnoDesign® or ClivEno®
2-in-1 system combining wall cladding in Blue Limestone of Hainaut with insulation
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Exterior : wall bases

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The INSULATION PANELS are L 120 x H 53.2 cm and available in a thickness of 4-6-8-10-12-14-16 or 18cm. Panels may be combined in order to obtain a higher degree of insulation.

The STRIPS in Blue Limestone of Hainaut with a thickness of 1.5cm are suitable for wall bases and are offered in free lengths (variable length). Choose from the different finishes and heights:

  • Standard finishes: sawn, EnoSkin®, ClivEno®
  • Standard sizes: 1.5cm thickness / free length between 30 and 60cm / heights: 5 - 7.5 - 10 - 12.5 cm

The PLATES in blue stone are intended for wall bases and are available in various standard finishes, thicknesses and sizes:

  • Standard finishes: sawn, EnoSkin®, EnoStyl® clair en EnoDesign®
  • Standard sizes: Blue stone of 1.5 or 2 cm thickness is recommended if you want a recessed wall base or a wall base in the same plane as the façade. In contrast, the plates with a thickness of 3cm have a chamfer 1/1 and ensure an aesthetic finishing of the entire project. The blue stone plates are available in a height of 30 or 40cm, and in 60, 100 or 120 cm long, depending on the chosen finish. 

Other finishes and sizes available on request



The insulation panel, formed in a mold, has carefully developed surfaces and edges to ensure a perfect tightness and maximum attachment to the masonry. Two necessary conditions for successful isolation.

For wall bases, opt for plates with large lengths for buildings with large dimensions or for aesthetic reasons, for example if you want few joints.n Or combine strips of blue stone of different heights in free length to create a dynamic and aesthetic facade. With or without joints, anything is possible!

Combine harmoniously your wall bases in blue stone with a façade in blue stone or brick. Your EnoStone® E-Board Zero wall bases combine perfectly with the brick E-Board panels of Vandersanden.


EnoStone® E-Board Zero, the MOVIE

EnoStone® E-Board Zero, the MOVIE

Discover the system and its placement process visually and in a very instructive way.

Placement advices

Placement advices

This very practical guide assists the layer and provides very detailed information on the placement steps, but also interesting tips and all the needed technical background information. (Only available in French or Dutch)