“I buy Belgian”: your bluestone tiles are right around the corner!

“I buy Belgian”: your floor, kitchen, bathroom or patio tiles are right around the corner!

People everywhere are urging others to buy locally, from Belgian brands, and to consume as many products made in Belgium as possible. And they’re right! Not only is buying locally better for the environment (because of the smaller transportation footprint), you can also rest assured your product has been made under good working conditions. The same goes for the materials you use in your home. Discover why so many before you have bought their floors, kitchen worktops, bathroom tiles and patio tiles in Belgium.



#IbuyBelgian (‘#ikkoopBelgisch’ in Dutch) is a campaign initiated by Flanders DC, the Flemish organization for entrepreneurship in the creative industry, to give homegrown labels some much-deserved attention. Flanders DC encourages consumers to buy local brands, and to proudly share their purchase with the world using the hashtag #ikkoopBelgisch. It’s an admirable philosophy which can easily be extended to products outside the fashion industry.

Bluestone from Hainaut

Take our bluestone, for instance, a 100% local product. Every year, 70% of Belgian bluestone is quarried and processed in Carrières du Hainaut’s quarry in Soignies, Belgium. Thanks to local sourcing, we keep our ecological footprint to a minimum. Opting for Belgian bluestone also means that you’re supporting an age-old tradition of craftsmanship, as well as contributing to the survival of local workshops. The mining of bluestone generates about 3,000 jobs, 435 of which are direct and 2,500 indirect. What’s more, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a high-quality product.

Impressively small ecological footprint

As mentioned earlier, Belgian bluestone has a very small ecological footprint. This is not the case with Asian bluestone or ceramic tiles, whose impact on the environment is approximately sixteen and sixty times greater, respectively. Moreover, Bluestone from Hainaut is mined and processed with the utmost respect for people and the environment.

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