Nature has formed true Belgian Blue limestone from Hainaut in our subsoil:
builders are therefore in fact incorporating a little piece of Belgian history in their creations.

Belgian Blue limestone from Hainaut is equally suitable for both contemporary and traditional applications.

A tradition stretching back over more than one hundred years combined with the latest technologies provide Carrières du Hainaut with incomparable experience and professionalism.

Long-term investment
Along with quality wood, blue limestone is the only material that acquires added value as it ages: usage and the patina continue to enhance its appearance.

Reference material
Belgian Blue limestone from Hainaut is a reference in our architectural heritage: some of the most prestigious buildings and monuments have been built using this material and have withstood the test of time.

Carrières du Hainaut controls the production process from beginning to end.

Carrières du Hainaut and its specialist distributors offer effective technical and commercial assistance to help you make your creation another work of reference. If necessary, a broken stone can be replaced in a few hours.

Extended range
Carrières du Hainaut offers a vast range of finishes, hues and appearances to create the most striking designs.

Combination of materials
Belgian Blue limestone from Hainaut combines successfully with all materials of quality, whether traditional or contemporary, such as brick, wood, steel and glass.

Quality guarantee
"True” Belgian Blue limestone from Hainaut has been awarded Technical Approval by U.B.A.t.c.